Available on premises and in private cloud


Collect data through the API connectors for data-driven presentations


Convert data formats and apply mathematical formulas or algorithms as you need


Direct data, messages and everything you need quickly and easily to the viewers



Beginners create data presentation in minutes without requiring any graphical experience. Advanced users customize data presentations going beyond built-in capabilities.

Great tools for beginners and advanced

Our software is simple, intuitive and useful, concerns on operations on the following objects:

  • Displays
  • Presentations
  • Connectors
  • Processors
  • Schedulers
  • Media files

Currently available connectors

What other connector do you need?

Feature Tour

Our software is available as browser application, with modular structure for compliance with typical presentation creating workflow.


Slides editor

This easy to use symbolic editor with basic widget properties, gives you focus on the idea rather than the graphic details.


Widgets library

This set of widgets - single forms of data visualization, gives you "best practices" guarantee in clear and simple data presentation.


Connectors library

This library of built-in connectors (OAuth and other) are used to collect data from popular internet services and custom systems.


Media files manager

This local repository is a space for your own files, making it easy to manage and create your graphic ideas.


Schedulers editor

This schedule module is useful if you need to turn off the presentation in specific periods of day or night.


Scripts editor

This simple scripts editor is the way for you to unlimited possibilities of customization and developing new ideas.


Slides manager

This view gives you full control over the content and order of your data presentations.


Displays manager

In this place you control all distributed displays, types of devices and viewers authorization.


Use all available devices for continuous data presentations display. You or your team just need a moment, comfortable distance, and few glances to recognize the situation resulting from data.


Data-driven digital signage system

Implement complete data presentation system in your organization using:

  • Smartphone
  • Smart TV
  • Smart dongle
  • Set-top box
  • Website (embedded component)

  • Additional Bluetooth controlled backlight module
  • Keyboard, remote, or custom sensors for presentation control

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  • Display
  • Catalogue
  • Sharing

KPI Advice

How to choose the right Goals, Metrics or KPIs - Key Performance Indicators for your business?

Our consultants are ready to help you!

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As part of our services, we can create data presentation in graphic style consistent with the guidelines of your Branding or Visual Identity Book.


Our support for your implementation

Feel free to use our experience in graphic work, data processing and systems integration in areas:

  • Startup
  • Corporate
  • Public / Smart city
  • Contact center
  • Supply chain
  • ... and other
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Installation Advice

How to install and setup devices properly and safe to display data presentations in your company?

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